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Obviously, many Christians are not aware of the kind of life that was given to them by God; therefore, the real life of a Christian is an inspirational blog that will help people to understand the greatness of the supreme life of God, as the only God to be worshiped and the consequences of idolatry.

It also went further to unveil the great life of God in man and the power which God has bestowed on man to subdue and rule the earth. But it is quite unfortunate that instead of subduing and ruling the earth in accordance with God’s plan, the earth is subduing and ruling so many children of God today, because they are ignorant of their personality as children of God. No wonder, the bible said “my people perish because they lack knowledge”. Knowledge indeed is power. In this book you will also discover various authorities in operation, which God has dispersed to all creature and has bestowed the highest authority on man. This supreme God gives, controls and withholds any authority at His wish. As a result of man’s disobedience to the commandment of God, man lost his authority and place; he became weak, slave to sin and far away from the presence of God. In this blog you will also discover so many strategies of the devil already at work. Many Christians are already caged,some in the web and net of the devil, while some are blinded and distracted by so many problems the devil has surrounded them with, some are actually after money thereby enslaved their conscience, many have sold their birth right like Esau for a plate of porridge. This blog will help to unveil and recover your real self from wherever the devil has imprisoned you,and then put you online to discover what God has done through his son Jesus Christ to restore his children back to himself despite the strategies of the devil to pull them down.

You will understand there is a life in you, your real life.You are to live and enjoy every beat of that life, because the life cannot be defeated. Therefore, Christian should arise and operate by the authority of that life, which is the life of Christ in you.


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