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God is a spirit and supernatural being that existed by himself, He has neither beginning nor end; He is the creator that created the whole universe (Gen 1:1-25). God is the highest, the most powerful and perfect being. He is present everywhere and every time,beside him there is no other true God.

He is to be worshiped, honored, feared, reverenced, thanked and adored. All lives and souls are accountable to him. He gives and takes life at his wish; the life of every being is in his palm. He gives destiny and marks the beginning and end of one’s life.

His great attributes and supremacy overwhelmed our ancestors and they made images by themselves to duplicate with their human mind the description of this awesome God but it was done in a wrong way.The works of their human hand, they called“god”because they ignorantly want to capture the physical structure of this supernatural God. They do not understand the existence of this supreme God but they believed there are gods who caused mysterious and control’s the needs of man.