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Am Evang. Eucharia Benjamin. A trained evangelist of Catholic School of Evangelism Gwagwalada Abuja FCT,  Nigeria.

Am passionate about Christian life and family. The life of a Christian is the key controller of all that goes around. If a Christian should understand the kind of life he or she has, the family circle will be excellent. Marriages are broken and the couples go separate ways because they fail to understand the kind of life they had.

The purpose of marriage and family should be understood! God instituted marriage for a purpose, this can not be accomplished without identifying your real life as a Christian. The life which a Christian has is that which sets one apart and makes one successful in everything he or she does without fear of failure.

When a Christian understands the kind of life given to him or her, he or she goes back to make a perfect home, becomes a lovely husband, submissive wife, an obedient child and forming a wonderful and sweet home, which can affect positively to the community and the world at large.

Therefore understanding your Christian life will go a long way to make corrections and change so many negative occurances in the world at large.