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Later“>My Journey Later!

It’s all about patience and determination.

My journey so far,.. I never know I could lift my finger to put anything in writing, though the urge was there but fear of failure was also there,…. who? will bell the cat..

i was afraid to start up a blog, because I have no knowledge of how is done, I waited patiently, people keep promising to assist me in building up my blog, Later! they failed me but I was not discouraged,


Later! I had the opportunity to attend a seminar in 2015 with the hope of getting it all well and getting started the urge to start putting my feelings and ideas in writing was burning in me like flames… oops! Another disappointment. I thought I should give up on this blogging stuff, but Later! I summoned courage to make a research, because the urge couldn’t stop coming. I made so many attempt and so many times I still fail.

Later! I read a book that stood me up… titled ” No Excuses!” written by Brian Tracy. I read a place he said “And we all intended to do those things, sometime. But before we get started, we decide that we need to take a little vacation to a wonderful fantasy place called ‘someday Isle.’ He also said that Losers make excuses; winners make progress”.

Later! I said to myself, ‘No More Excuses’…I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Therefore, I must express my feelings, my thoughts , suggestion and opinion. These I must put in writing and share to the world.

Am still learning now! with so many mistakes made already but I know, I will make it right Later!