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God is a spirit and supernatural being that existed by himself, He has neither beginning nor end; He is the creator that created the whole universe (Gen 1:1-25).

God is the highest, the most powerful and perfect being. He is present everywhere and every time beside him there is no other true God.

All that He made are perfect and unique in diversity, look at the moon, the sun and the stars. These mighty objects stood on its own without pillar that holds them but at the command of God they stood; to give out light to the world….

The sea, ocean, rivers and streams has boundaries and could not swallow up the land because the Supreme God has given them order and position. The rain rained in its season and every other creature operate in their seasons according to the command of and instruction of God…except one creature who has failed to abide and maintain the commands of God.

In all these God’s supremacy is demonstrated in his greatness and might over all. He supersedes all, govern and rule all. His power supersedes every powers, authority and right.

He is to be worshiped, honored, feared, reverenced, thanked and adored. All lives and souls are accountable to him. He gives and takes life at his wish; the life of every being is in his palm. He gives destiny and marks the beginning and end of one’s life.

This supreme God made man in a special and unique way. He planted His life in man and made them unique to dominate and control the earth and everything there in….yet man is accountable to Him.

He watches all and has judgement in his hands to reward all according to their works and deeds. The earth and everything therein belongs to the supreme God. His wrath and anger no one can stand though He’s compassion, slow to anger and abide in mercy.